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This is version 2406131415000 of the AMP runtime. For a list of commits contained in this release, click here.

Release channels

These switches control which release channel (prod, RC, or dev) of AMP JS will be served through the Google AMP Cache.

Note: These controls set a cookie on the domain name If your browser is set to block all third-party cookies, they will not function. Make sure third-party cookies are enabled, or allowlisted on the websites that you are testing.


You can manually opt in to a previously released RTV using this form.

Warning: This is an advanced setting. It is intended for use while debugging AMP runtime code, and is not meant to be used to publish AMP documents. To opt out of this setting, clear the RTV in the input field.


Experiments can no longer be enabled on the top-level They must be toggled on the specific subdomain e.g.

Find the AMP Cache experiments page for your source domain or AMP page URL:


These switches toggle experiments for documents served at the current subdomain of the Google AMP Cache:

Please exercise caution. These experiments are not fully tested and might contain bugs or have unexpected side effects. Please only activate them if you work on the AMP Project or plan to create AMP documents that use unreleased features for testing purposes.

See the AMP project documentation to find out more about experiments, and how to activate them outside of the Google AMP Cache (including in local development).

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